Artist Promotion

Artist Promotion Services For Musicians

Get Your Music Heard By Thousands Of Music Fans.

What the Artist Promotion Include? 

ℹ Spotlight Interview - Exclusive interview with the artist, featuring questions about his music career, inspirations, goals, and more. The interview page features photos of the artists, cover arts / YouTube videos, and social media links. Featured along with the interview, the artist will get a custom-made spotlight cover for his sharing on social media.


ℹ Email Marketing - Your interview will get published in our main newsletter with thousands of subscribers. 

ℹ Spotify Playlists Adding: Get your music added to 5 of our Spotify playlists.

ℹ Social Media PR: In order to produce a meaningful campaign for the artist, our marketing team will run all the publications included in the package on our social media outlets which include tens of thousands of followers

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Frequently asked questions

Music Packages

Where do the articles get published?

All of your press releases are getting published as a news article in our magazine Out Now.

What can I insert in song promotion order?

In your song promotion order we recommend to add the next objects:

  • High res press photos of the artist/band
  • High res cover art / announcements / tour cover
  • Full bio about the artist including country, age, music genre...
  • Between 150 - 400 words per article
  • Quotes from the artist about the release
  • Social media links and streaming links

Are the interviews / articles getting shared on your social outlets?

For sure! each news article we published is also getting shared on our social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin...

Help & Requests

For making your order gets published on a specific date please get in touch with our team at contact@outnowmagazine. For promotional and business collaborations, or for any personal questions you may have please get in touch with us at: Out Now -
Names Magazine -
Today Influencers -

Delivery Time

For every package we set a delivery time between 7 days to 14. In case you have any specific date you would like to get it published, please make sure to get in touch with our team at -