There used to be times we use fliers, business cards, discs and more ... Today Epk is all you need.

So what is Epk? Electronic Press Kit.

Epk is a pre-packaged set of information of all the marketing materials about you as an artist, from photos to videos and bio or your last music albums and social media links and stats.

Festival Managers, journalists, promoters and music managers will require an EPK for knowing who you are as an artist.

If you want to leave a good and professional impression you will have to use Epk.

Price: 120.00$ / 150.00$


  • Spotlight Interview

  • Fast delivery time

  • Magazine Cover

  • Promotion on all Out Now Social Media Outlets

  • Publish to our music fans newsletter with more than 1K Subscribers

  • Spotify Playlist Submissions

  • 7 Days Promotion

  • Digital Version Interview Only

We accept Credit Cards and PayPal

Electronic Press Kit

150.00$ Regular Price
120.00$Sale Price